Stamatis Dimopoulos

Stamatis Dimopoulos

Special Scientist for Teaching

University of Cyprus

Welcome to my personal webpage!

I am a Special Scientist (teaching associate) in the University of Cyprus. This semester I am teaching

Mathematics for Engineers II.

I am also doing research in set theory, an area of mathematical logic. Most of my research has to do with the interaction between large cardinals and forcing, as a means to explore the limitations of the standard axiomatic system ZFC or to find the consistency strength of various mathematical statements.

In my thesis I devised a new large cardinal notion, obtained by “Woodinising” strongly compact cardinals. Although this notion is a very powerful form of strong compactness, it still inherits the identity crisis feature of strongly compact cardinals. However, it is a reasonable large cardinal notion, as it resembles the well-known notions of Woodin and Vopěnka cardinals.

I plan to continue my research on the concept of strong compactness and study its connections with combinatorics and topology.


  • Set theory
  • Mathematical logic
  • Science communication